Friday, April 18, 2014

Waves of Change by Nulli Para Ora

5 Stars!

I need to tell everyone how much I loved this book. The world is so unique with the way the Leuk Ahnal can control water around them and in them. And I can count on one hand how many books have made me cry and this is now one of them! When Daniel proposed to Alicia *swoon* I bawled like a baby. And the ending was so unexpected that it had my jaw dropping! I will be anxiously awaiting the next book in the series!

Daniel was so sweet and patient and his inner monologue when he met Alicia was too funny. I liked being able to connect with the heroine Alicia, she is shy and self conscious and I can relate to that. 

And the best friend Chris?? OMG! I LOVE HIM. He had me laughing out loud so many times. I'm snickering as I'm writing this thinking of him. So I officially claim him on this review. It's a done deal. He and Daniel belong to me now....

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