Friday, April 18, 2014

Ashes by Sarah Gilman

4 Stars!

This is the first book that I have read involving Phoenix. I really love the whole mythos behind these unusual creatures and it was a nice break from the standard fare of wolf and big cat shifters.
The story starts out with our heroine Ambrosia showing up at the hero's house after an attack by a man she was sent to interview who believes he has proof of the existence of a Phoenix. He helps tend to her wounds but quickly tries to send her on her way. Reece is about to go through his "rebirth" something that happens every 100 years of a Phoenix's life.  I won't give out any spoilers as to how (loved it), but Ambrosia ends up pregnant after their encounter.
Reece who is the Phoenix prince and next in line for the throne, can't stop thinking of Amby while he is searching for the man that claims he has proof of his race.  After tracking her down and finding out that she is pregnant with his child, Reece convinces  Amby to come back to his home so he can take care of her and the baby. Although he is developing feelings for her he believes that he can never take her as a mate because his family will never accept her or a half breed child.  As they grow closer Reece's grandmother enters the picture determined to get rid of Ambrosia and keep the Bennu line pure.
I enjoyed this story, Ambrosia had a difficult childhood but rolled with the punches and was determined to do what was best for her child. And although Reece was determined to take care of Amby and his child, my only complaint was that I wished Reece would have gotten his act together a little quicker and fought harder for her at the end. But I am hoping that the author will write more books set in this world. The uniqueness of the Phoenix storyline is definitely worth continuing.

*I received a free copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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