Friday, April 18, 2014

Predator's Claim by Rosanna Leo

5 Stars!

 I LOVED....and I mean LOVED this book!! It has become my favorite out of the series so far, and notice that I say so far because I have no doubt that Rosanna will up the ante in the books (if any, please God say yes) that follow.
The buildup and the chemistry were so intense between Bart and "Charles" (LMAO @ the nickname) that I have to admit that I found myself eyeing the hubby and ummm....yeah *whispers* Thank you for that R...*grins*
I loved Charlotte's potty mouth! As a HUGE fan and user of "sentences enhancers"  I couldn't  stop laughing out loud while reading, which always earned me weird looks from coworkers and customers as I covertly read at my desk. :D And Bart, well what can I say about  him other than "OH MY GOD that is one HOT puppy!" and "Can I please have an alpha wolfie  like him of my very own? *sighs*
Predator's Claim can be easily be read as a stand alone but why deprive yourself of the yumminess of the previous three?  So do yourself a favor if you haven't already and pick them up as well.  And prepare yourself for the drool worthiness of the bear brothers, Ryland and Soren Snow and tiger shifter Anton "Oh mah gawd he's so freaking hawt" Gaspar. You won't be sorry! :)

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