Friday, April 18, 2014

Rhuul's Flame by Nulli Para Ora

5 Stars!

Another amazing story from my new favorite author Nulli Para Ora!
The story starts out with our hero Rhuul being exiled from his home world of Karn, one of the twelve realms in which this intriguing story is set in. He is reviled for being a Paralta, a half breed. Leaving his home via a magical way gate Rhuul decides that he will prove his worthiness  and strength by taking over another realm to rule as his own.
Arriving in Akash  he starts having dreams of a woman asking him for help. He finds that he can’t refuse her pleas for and sets out to rescue her.  Rhuul is drawn to Avalea and she is unlike anyone he has ever been  around.  She revers and cherishes life where he is more of a kill first ask questions later kind of male. But he has plans and they don’t include a feisty “life bringer”.
 I ADORED Rhuul! He is cranky and short tempered, but when you read his back story you’ll understand why.
The sex scenes were scorching HAWT and Rhuul’s  little thing that he likes to do in bed is ummm….yeah, with biting, wings…and other things.  JUST READ IT! Trust me you won’t regret it. 
The side characters were a hoot especially Talloc. I won’t spoil it for you but I definitely could read a story centered just around him LOL…
I can’t wait read to read more about this fascinating new world and learn what happens next in the series… 

* I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review

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