Monday, October 12, 2015

Prince of Flight by Mandy M. Roth

My Review: 4 Stars!!

Wow! Another fabulous addition to Mandy's King of Prey series! This is book 6 and can easily be read as a stand alone. In Prince of Flight we meet Keonae, a prince of the Buteos Regalis bird kingdom. He has been living in the human realm for many years after being betrayed by his betrothed and left horribly scarred by the Vultures. Believing himself unworthy of love because of his scars Keon finds himself drawn to a human waitress that he meets in a local dive bar. 

Lark never stays in one place for very long, she's been hunted her whole life by the evil bird men. She knows it's past time for her to move on but she is unable to leave Keon. 

This was a great story! It's short but sweet and the fact that Keon & Lark were already friends helped their relationship from seeming rushed. Keon was possessive and protective of Lark and once he realized that she wanted him despite his scars all bets were off! Yumm! I do so adore alpha heroes! I also love the fact that Lark was no shrinking violet, she can totally kick ass! 

Prince of Flight is a fun, sexy, action packed read. Mandy had my heart breaking for Keon one minute and then giggling at his brothers antics the next! I was totally hooked from page one. Grab your copy today, you will seriously love it! 

*I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review

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