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Selkie's Lure by Rosanna Leo


Amy Woods, one of TV’s famed Beast Seekers, has come to Orkney, Scotland, to hunt sirens. One of them killed her sister and she has sworn revenge. Most people think she’s crazy for believing in monsters. She knows the truth. But while patrolling one of Orkney’s cold beaches, she runs into a naked selkie man rather than a siren, and he proves to be an alluring distraction.

Edan Kirk is a selkie, one of an ancient race of seal shape shifters. When he hears of Amy’s intention to hunt sirens, tragic memories overwhelm him. He knows he must get rid of the pesky human. As much as he tries to convince her she’s on a fool’s errand, he can’t resist trying to protect her. After all, he has heard the enticing song of the sirens and he knows its deadly power.

As Amy and Edan engage in a battle of wits and wills, other emotions rush to the fore. Their connection is intense, the sort to come along only once in a lifetime. Edan recognizes her as his mate. However, another woman has set her sights on him as well, one whose powers of seduction are legendary. One whose voice has driven men to madness and devastation.

Can Amy accept Edan as her mate, making her home in the world of the supernatural? And can they save each other from a beast that cannot be destroyed?

My Review - ☆☆☆☆☆

First off, let me get my uncontrolled fan girl squealing out of the way. SQUEEEEEEEEEE!!! Now that has been taken care of lets get to the awesomeness of this book. OMG I FREAKING LOVED this one so hard! Not just because it's about my favorite selkie, Edan (mine, mine, mine!) and my namesake *giggles* but because it was a phenomenally written book.

Selkie's Lure is book 3 in Rosanna's Orkney Selkies series and it is quite darker than the previous two. With the introduction of Sirens, Water Horses and Fairies, Rosanna has amped up the intensity and I loved the fact that I was kept on my toes by Amy and Edan. I never could anticipate what was going to happen next between these two and found myself unable to put my kindle down.

Another thing that I loved was the fact that the roles were reversed when it came to the H/h. Normally, the hero is the one that needs the heroine to balance out the darkness in him but in this case it was Edan that was the light to Amy's darkness. Because of the "gift" that she was born with and her treatment at the hands of her parents, she has put up a wall around her heart. That wall can't hide a deep seated desire for love and acceptance though. However, her insecurity in no means detracts from her inner strength and she is a fierce warrior when it comes to protecting the ones that she loves.

Edan is confused by his draw to Amy, she infuriates and yet intrigues him at the same time. He knows that she is a danger to his kind and yet he is also protective of her at the same time. Since she won't stop looking for the Sirens he decides to work with her so that he can keep her safe while still keeping her at arms length. But when he realizes that she is his mate, oh boy, all bets are off! I just adore how Selkies are totally committed to their mates. They are deliciously possessive and protective and will do anything in their power to make their mates happy. Edan has quite the naughty streak in him and let me tell you, make sure that you have a cool drink close because WOW... that Selkie, all that beautiful, long, ginger hair and the things that he does... *fans face*

This is a book that you are not going to want to miss. Full of surprising twists and turns, heartbreaking moments and all the feels, Selkie's Lure is a wholehearted "Hell yes" recommendation from me!

Oh and quick side note to the author, you made me fall in love with Niall. Can we have a HEA for him too? Please??? 😃

*I received a copy from the author for a voluntary review. 

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Meet the Author

Rosanna Leo is a multi-published romance author. Winner of the Reader’s Choice 2015 in Paranormal Romance at The Romance Reviews, Rosanna draws on her love of mythology for her books on Greek gods, selkies and shape shifters. Her hot contemporary romance Vice was recently reviewed by Library Journal.

From Toronto, Canada, Rosanna occupies a house in the suburbs with her long-suffering husband, their two hungry sons and a tabby cat named Sweetie. When not writing, she can be found haunting dusty library stacks or planning her next star-crossed love affair.

A library employee by day, she is honored to be a member of the league of naughty librarians who also happen to write romance.

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  1. Thank you so much! I'm so happy you enjoyed Amy and Edan's story. It means the world to me and I appreciate the share!