Saturday, November 19, 2016

Zaureth by Ditter Kellen


A legendary healer fully devoted to his people, Zaureth is one of the most powerful Bracadytes in Aukrabah. But his gifts come with enormous responsibilities and a heavy price—a vow of peace and celibacy. From the moment he meets Amy, a tiny human female born without sight, those vows are threatened. She calls forth every protective instinct he possesses, along with a desire he is powerless to deny.

Amy Brighton may have been born blind, but she doesn't need sight to know how she feels about the Bracadyte healer. Their first touch forges a connection between them too strong to resist. Now Amy must overcome a lifetime of dark uncertainty if she wants to live, and turn to the only light she will ever know. Zaureth...

My Review - 5 Stars!!!

 I don't think it's possible to love and adore a series or author any more than I already do. But after reading Zaureth? Guess what? I totally do! Ditter Kellen has quickly moved up the ranks as one of my all time favorite authors and her Enigma series is my go to whenever I need a pick me up. We are at book four in the series and the storyline has not slowed down one iota. While this book still has all the action and suspense of the previous three, it had a slower romantic buildup which made for an much sweeter love story! Now don't think that it lacked in any of Ditter's trademark smexiness, there is plenty of heat in this book!

Zaureth is the healer for the Bracadytes. He is extremely powerful, more so than any of the other Bracadytes but because of an incident that happened when he was a child he took a vow of celibacy and devoted himself to be a Healer. When he meets Amy, he is drawn to the young blind girl. She awakens feelings in him that make him question his vows. I just loved the romance in this story! Zaureth and Amy truly love each other and when Zaureth finally stops fighting his attraction and accepts that she truly is his mate. A mate that he deserves, one who loves him just as much as he loves her. No more loneliness for him! I cried people, seriously cried. This book made my heart happy and even though we have the virus still running rampant, a new government alliance (which seriously worries me) and a new threat from the cartel emerging I still just wanted to hug Zaureth and Amy through my kindle in happiness. I can't wait to see what happens next! 
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Meet the Author
 Ditter Kellen is the bestselling author of the Enigma Series. To say she's addicted to reading is an understatement. Her eBook reader is an extension of her and holds many of her fantasies and secrets. It's filled with dragons, shifters, vampires, ghosts and many more jaw-dropping characters who keep her entertained on a daily basis.
Ditter's love of paranormal and outrageous imagination have conspired together to bring her where she is today...sitting in front of her computer allowing them free rein. Writing is her passion, what she was born to do. I hope you will enjoy reading her stories as much as she loves spinning them.
Ditter resides in Florida with her husband and many unique farm animals. She adores French fries and her phone is permanently attached to her ear.
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